An apartment designed for large families, up to three generations. Customised screen partitions are implemented around the apartment to instil a sense of privacy and design. Each area is dedicated towards the needs of the various family members to maintain space, fun, and privacy. An outdoor sit out designed with accent lighting to create the perfect ambience, for the perfect evening. To top it all off, the ideal variation of fabrics, textures, finishes and materials to bring it all together and to it a home.

A spacious apartment designed to create a smooth flow through the rooms using customised wooden partitions. These partitions give a sense of enclosed spaces, yet maintaining a breezy, light environment. The colour palette through the apartment consists of warm, rich though neutral tones to give a sense of comfort and belonging; whilst the wall finishes, drapery, furniture & materials ultimately giving a more spacious feel to the apartment. This apartment consists of the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional, through its light fixtures to the material finishes.