Sonali’s creative eye, attention to details and her artistic abilities reflect the sense of style, to develop designs that look great and are aesthetically pleasing. Her work is far from cookie cutter, as she strives to ensure that there is no signature style to her work.

As each client is different, so should their spaces be, a reflection of the owner. She makes their spaces functional, safe and beautiful by determining space requirements and choosing appropriate decorative items such as color’s, lighting, wall hangings, fabrics and furniture’s to suit the emotion of her clients.

A deep background in architecture and immense passion for natural materials and the talent and versatility that crafts people and artisans across India, has always held a magical fascination for her. Be it fabrics or decorating ones homes, every part of the country boasts a completely different personality and talent.

A similar sense of creativity was experienced across South East Asia. This created an opportunity to work with artists, artisans, weavers and manufacturing houses across the region. The exposure to the vast ocean of local & international concepts, has created in her the ability to appreciate the old and new equally and this helps create a perfect blend of antiques alongside the modern creating a look of sophistication.

Kaizen provides a global sourcing platform as well, offering the latest products in the international market. Based primarily in Singapore,  with its vibrant and growing design scene, keeps Sonali in the heart of the latest trends in design and finishes.

The professionalism there demands high standards of performance, which she brings to India as well. This along with the large number of creative people she works with prompted the idea of a store which opened its doors on the 11th of August 2011 in Chennai, India.