More and more people are getting online and if your business is not having presence digitally, you will end up missing out on a lot of traction.

So just to help you with your Local SEO, we are providing the following tested and proven tips that can help:

  • List out your most frequently asked questions and add them with answers on your listing in the Question & Answers section. Use it effectively.
    What happens next is that you need at least 3 likes on these questions for them to be visible on maps
  • Add amazing high quality photos to your Google My Business listing regularly. As per Google businesses with more photos receive an average 42% more requests for directions on Google Maps and 35% more clicks to the website. Use photos which feature your products and services. Don’t use stock images. Actual images of the products and services is always better.
  • Do weekly Google posts consistently about your current offers and promotions
  • Add a request a quote button by turning on messaging
  • Add your start date or opening date information to trigger years in business information. For example, people are likely to check out a business which has been operating for more than 10 years than one which has been functional from 1 year only
  • Use your main keyword in your Google Maps title
  • Add correct primary category and add at least 8 other additional categories which are relevant for your business
  • Google reviews – Use the review link from your Google My Business, keep pushing and collecting reviews. If possible insist people to use names of people and relevant keywords in their review such as a product or service being mentioned will help in ranking
  • Work towards getting an average score of your reviews to be over 4 stars
  • Use UTM parameters to track traffic your Google My Business
  • Use a webpage which is more relevant to your Google My Business
  • Add relevant secondary keywords to your business description
  • Ensure you are completing all the fields available in your Google My Business listing as this too is a ranking factor and will help rank you better in local searches
  • Routinely update information of your Google My Business listing – photos, posts, reviews, videos, 360 photos, etc. Split them as
    • Daily routines – Customer Messages, collect reviews, respond reviews
    • Weekly routines – Google Posts, Videos, Business updates, Photos

Hope these tips help you!

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