Instagram has gained prominence in recent years and now almost every business, brand, and person is on the platform. So your Instagram strategy needs to be on point and you need to take advantage of every single feature available at your disposal.

So as part of our Instagram tips series we are delighted to present you with our number one tip and most underused one by brands – Polls on Instagram Story ads!

Polls are highly engaging for the most obvious reason – they are simple and everyone loves to have an opinion, plus on Instagram, you get to see the results instantly right then.

“Interactive ads in Instagram Stories, starting with the polling sticker, allow businesses to be more engaging and playful in order to build better connections. Not only do they help stories ads stand out, but they can generate more impact for your campaigns by encouraging people to watch longer. In 9 out of 10 beta campaigns, the polling sticker increased 3-second video views,” said the company in a post.

Well, it’s simple if you follow the below steps:

  • In your ad manager for the ad – select manual placements – select only Instagram story as placement and remove everything else
  • Upload a story creative
  • Make sure the story design has plenty of free space to add in the poll question and options
  • You can control the position by giving values to the X & Y coordinates
  • By default it comes in the centre as in our example image above
  • Check the preview once you are done entering the question and poll options
  • Once you are satisfied with the design, position of the poll – publish your ad

During beta testing, Dunkin’ saw a 30 percent lower cost-per-video-view while using the polling sticker, and Next Games’ app installs jumped 40 percent after using a polling ad.

Not only that, we ourselves saw amazing results and traction to our luxury shoe brand, a whopping 80% increase in direct traffic to the website and an overall brand recall uplift by 40% which is massive taking all things into account.

So what are you waiting for, go start your interactive poll ad on your Instagram story.

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